Website Management

Everybody knows about ‘web design’, but not many companies know and use website management services.

Take a minute and ask yourself:

What do you do when your website crashes?

With your website down it has the potential to cost you thousands of dollars in profit every minute its down.

Is there a team in place to get your website back up and running again?

This is where you have a dedicated skilled website management team in your back pocket you can call on in a moments notice when anything on your website goes wrong.

What Does a Website Manager Do?

A website managers role varies from business to business.

  • Fix any glitches in the system that  could cost a company hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  • Making sure your website is running at its optimal level.
  • Handling mechanical design processes, optimizations, getting the site found in search engines, and more.
  • Updating outdated website content
  • Optimizing images
  • Installation of data tracking cookies with the proper implementation of user agreements
  • Adequate install for third-party tracking tools such as Google Analytics
  • Consistent Website Optimizations
  • Creation and setup of new product pages
  • Updating and maintaining all website plugins
  • Continued monitoring of website performance
  • Meta tag optimizations
  • Mobile readiness optimizations

Overwhelmed yet? This is why you need a team of specialists dedicated to managing your website.